Effects of Biophilic Design for health.

ter, 27 de abr de 2021 às 14:36

Biophilic Design can be defined as the synchrony of man with the environment built through nature, who never admired a sunset, received immediate peace in bathing in the sea or in a waterfall, recovered his energy by touching the grass with bare feet.

The human body needs nature to maintain and promote health, we are guided by nature, want an example:

Natural light guides our circadian cycle, our biological clock, in turn, the absence of contact with light has an opposite effect on our biological clock, directly affecting our quality of life.

How can biophilic design be in the environment?

The natural elements that are naturally perceived by the human being, therefore patterns and natural processes found in nature can be inserted in the project.

We can list some forms and their respective relationships so that you can argue them and insert them in your projects.
Colors: they are an important element that interfere in our experience, we can highlight the natural and earthy colors;

Water: sound and movement;

Air: related to natural ventilation, very beneficial in biophilia because it is related to movement, smell, orientation, intensity, temperature, air renewal and consequent increase in oxygenation.

Daylight: activation of the circadian cycle, relates to comfort, increased productivity, decreased lethargy, improved mood ...

Use of plants: they are sources of protection and generate security. There are several theories that relate the use of plants to the energetic renewal of the environment itself.

Animals: representations of animals (birds, fish ...) also report on biophilic design.

Natural materials: denote the evolutionary cycle, nature is static, the natural cycle involves aging.

Green facades: bring a feeling of camouflage and protection.

Fire: Slight fluctuation in temperature, movement and color.

Views: preference for quality and external views.

Biophilic design has numerous health benefits, I will list a few:

Reduction of anxiety;

Increased sociability;

Increase in productivity;

More focus;

Cognitive improvements;

More quality of life;

More sense of community;

In hospital environments the patient's recovery time increases;

Increased job satisfaction;

Increase in well-being.

With the advent of the industrial revolution, biophilic design was being replaced by contemporary buildings that were designed, re-affirming domination over nature.

It is necessary to restore balance with nature and biophilic design is a way to bring nature to your projects so understand the benefits of biophilia and its applicability!

More than ever it is necessary to go back to the basics to return to what feeds our physical and spiritual body!

Healthy projects are those that generate value for your customers with long-term benefits for both users and the environment.

Until the next post ;)

Cristiane Cantele
Senior Ergonomist
Wellness Sciences Specialist