Healthy Environments and the Importance of Self-Discipline

ter, 04 de mai de 2021 às 15:23

Good or bad choices ...

Healthy choices or not ...

Deep down, we know which actions will produce the best results, which choices offer the greatest benefits.

Still, many of us struggle to make the best decisions and as a result, we fail to reach our full potential.

How can we overcome these challenges? Self-discipline is the answer.

When we talk about healthy environments we also depend on the personal choices of the occupants of that space, so knowing and encouraging self-discipline in the acquisition and maintenance of healthy habits is essential to maintain the satisfaction, health and well-being of the occupants.

Why is self-discipline important?

When we think about getting something we want from health to material goals, we need to develop habits that lead us to achieve those goals! For this, self-discipline is an important skill that we must develop.

Often, the best choices are not the quickest, easiest or most enjoyable. When we develop a greater sense of self-control, we can expect several improvements in different areas of our lives.

Therefore, we must exercise a high level of control over our emotions and behavior, what are the reasons for this? Here are seven benefits of self-discipline.

1) + Health

Improving our self-discipline leads to an improvement in physical health, as establishing healthy habits such as diet and exercise increases our health.

2) + Academic and Professional Success

Smart choices help us exercise habits that lead us to paths of more academic and professional success, with self-discipline an essential factor in maintaining successful habits.

3) Better relationships

Self-discipline improves your relationships. We become people who keep their commitments.

People start to trust more and relationships become more favorable.

4) Financial health

Gaining more control over your finances is another direct benefit of self-discipline.

5) Fewer regrets

Another benefit of becoming more self-disciplined is that we will have less regrets because we will make the best and most conscious choices.

6) + Time management

With an ever-growing list of things competing for our attention, it seems that time is lacking, one of the best benefits of self-discipline is time management.

For example, social media can be a big factor in procrastination if we don't exercise our self-control.

7) Finalize our projects

Finally, self-discipline helps you complete tasks and projects that you start, even when you run out of breath or desire.

Motivation is always high at the beginning of a new goal, however, over time, motivation disappears, challenges arise, reality sets in and it is tempting to go back to something more familiar or move on to the next shiny object.

Exercising self-control and choosing to finish what you started, within reason, even when you lose motivation and desire means that you not only have the project completed on your resume, but you have also learned lessons and acquired new skills.

As American writer, philosopher and artist Elbert Hubbard once said:

"Self-discipline is the ability to do what you have to do, when you have to, whether you want to or not."

Understanding the importance of self-discipline and then taking steps to improve this skill is perhaps the best attitude we can have for our personal development and increase the likelihood of success for your client and your project :)

Cristiane Cantele
Senior Ergonomist
Wellness Sciences Specialist