Cristiane Cantele

Cristiane Cantele is a physiotherapist, teacher, Senior Ergonomist and national and international speaker. It has already trained more than 10,000 professionals in the field of architecture, physiotherapy, entrepreneurs, managers, salespeople and professionals helping these professionals to use the concepts of ergonomics and quality of life in professional and personal activities. Cristiane has been working for more than 18 years as an ergonomist in companies, especially with corporate work environments. It also develops concepts of ergonomics applied to products, encouraging various professionals to use the concepts of ergonomics in their projects and products.

Cris is also the founder of the MCC Ergonomics for Projects method, which aims to help architects and designers to apply ergonomics techniques in their projects. He also created the MSS + Saúde technique that aims to promote physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health, through specific techniques to transform routines and habits.

Training and Certification

•Graduated in Physiotherapy at PUC / PR;
• Specialist in Physiotherapy in Labor Judicial Expertise by IBRAFA;
• Specialist in Occupational Physiotherapy at CBES;
• Post-graduated in Production Engineering with an emphasis on Ergonomics at UFRGS;
• Workshops in Occupational Physiotherapy by COFFITO.
• Senior Level Certified Ergonomist - Brazilian Ergonomics Association (ABERGO).
Training in Health Culture from Harvard University / USA.
Training in Wellness Sciences at Yale University / USA.
Education in the sciences of happiness, happiness at work, empathy and emotional intelligence at work, Mindfulness and resilience are stress at work at the University of Berkeley / USA.

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